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  • Who We Are

    Proven. Simple. For Salespeople.

    Hanna Group is a firm focused on helping businesses increase revenues while lowering selling costs by applying proven practices, processes, and principles which are easy to understand, implement, and execute.


    The firm is led by Gary W. Hanna, a pragmatic and inspiring sales leader known for his no-nonsense, direct, and customer-centric approach to sales execution.


    We help companies of all sizes talk less and sell more.

    The Early Stage Sales Dilemma

    A very common sales dilemma exists during the early stages of a start-up company’s existence. This is particularly true with cloud application providers. All the makings of a success are there: innovative and disruptive product, large target addressable market, some happy, reference customers, and access to capital. A couple of evangelical sales rock stars are killing it.


    It’s time to hire the first VP of Sales and scale. So, who is hired? The two most common sources of the first leader of sales: give the top rep a battlefield promotion (she knows how to sell so she can teach others, can't she?) or hire a successful manager out of a mature company with terrific sales training. Both of these strategies almost always fail. Why? Because while these talented people can execute a process, they have never implemented a process. This failure costs time and money, usually a lot of both. There is a way to eliminate this risk. If you have read this far, you have found the way.


    Our mission is to work with the Founder/CEO to eliminate the risk associated with hiring/promoting, enabling and coaching sales leadership.


  • Our Approach

    We approach every new client with the same fundamental principles:

    Customer success is the only success.

    As an industry, we have focused primarily on the pitch, the value prop, the killer demo, and overall sales effectiveness. Most organizations are so focused on making themselves better that they have forgotten the most important thing to do: Listen to the customer! Our proven process takes the mystery out of selling and puts the focus on the customer and the outcome they seek.

    Tell. Show. Watch. Coach.

    We help you close bigger deals, faster and win more of them. How? By helping simplify the sales process and building a scalable sales infrastructure that Founders, CEOs, and Boards can rely on for growth. Gary's approach is different from other advisors. He becomes part of the team. His "Tell-Show-Watch-Coach" method ensures the team is fully enabled to drive the processes long after the engagement is over. Gary works on either a full-time engagement with one company or part-time for no more than two companies at the same time. Gary's background in sales creates instant rapport and credibility with the current team. His inspirational style and attention to detail are a unique combination found in very few sales leaders.


    What outcomes can you expect? Increased revenue, lower customer acquisition costs, higher productivity, more accurate forecasts and happier, more loyal customers!



  • GWH Principle of execution #1

    It is possible and even necessary to win without having the best of everything

    Spud Webb is 5.3" tall, shortest ever in the NBA. He won the 1986 All-Star Slam Dunk Competition

    Gwh Principle of Execution #2

    Execution is not about talent, size, or where you are from

    Gwh Principle of Execution #3

    Never underestimate the power of optimism

    gwh principle of execution #4

    A fist is more effective than five fingers

    gwh principle of execution #5

    Do what you say.

    say what you mean.

    gwh principle of execution #6

    Actions speak louder than words.

    GWH Principle of execution #7

    play as a team.

    pack your own chute.

    gwh principle of execution #8

    sweat the small stuff.

    Remember, it's all small stuff.

    GWH Principle of Execution #9

    Measure Twice. cut once.

    GWH Principle of Execution #10

    Practice does not make perfect.

    Practice makes permanent.

    perfect practice makes perfect.

    GWH Principle of Execution #11

    God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.​

    GWH Principle of Execution #12

    "Do or do not. There is no try"


  • what we do

    Sales Process

    Implement our proven, scalable sales process in your business

    Sales Management

    Hire your Head of Sales, then teach our proven methods for accurate forecasting, pipeline management, deal management and building a productive, loyal sales team.

    Best Practices

    Customer-focused behavior that can be learned, coached and observed as part of the sales process


    Close more deals, close bigger deals, close them faster

    Win Strategies

    Inoculation, trapping, and tactics against key competitors to dramatically increase win rates


    Inspirational keynotes for sales meetings and kickoffs


    Selling with enthusiasm, conviction, and passion that we make a difference in the lives of customers


    “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”


    Walt Disney







  • Testimonials

    What successful leaders have to say about Gary:

    Elay Cohen,

    ceo, Saleshood

    "As good as it gets."

    "Gary is a tremendous leader and visionary who rolls up his sleeves to drive the changes needed to grow revenue faster. His sales process, playbook, and enablement capabilities are as good as it gets."

    Thad Eby

    CEO & Co-Founder, OMBUD

    "In a league of his own..."

    "I had the opportunity to work with Gary when Ombud partnered with his sales team at Host Analytics. Gary is in a league of his own when it comes to sales leadership. He brings a hybrid approach that combines Oracle Value Selling with Salesforce SaaS Solution Selling. He understands the investment in people, process, and technology to build a world-class selling organization."

    Sheevaun Thatcher, CPC

    VP, Sales Productivity &

    Chief Productivity officer

    "impressive...truly inspiring"

    "I have watched Gary build a high-performance sales organization. His ability to sense changes in customer, market and competitive dynamics is impressive. How quickly he rallies the organization to respond to those changes is truly inspiring"

    Eoin O'Connor

    CFO, Gridgain Systems

    "A great sales strategist..."

    "Gary will drive change and deliver results. He is a great sales strategist and leader."

    Phil LaCorte

    VP, Sales Operations


    "Watching Gary at work is amazing. His ability to create momentum and rally a workforce to deliver results is inspiring."

    Megan Coughlin

    Corporate Sales Manager and

    Sales Development Expert

    "Strengthens sales teams by building leaders..."

    "Gary takes pride in his work and leads by example. He strengthens sales teams by building leaders and showing them that it is possible to win any deal against any competitor through integrity and perfect practice. I’ve known Gary as a leader, customer, and mentor. Every time I have worked with Gary, I’ve sharpened my skills."

    Carl Herman

    Executive Professor & Director

    The Stagner Sales Excellence Institute

    Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

    "Innovative and inspirational..."

    "Gary is an innovative and inspirational sales leader. He is a strategic thinker with a bias for action. Gary is an expert in using technology to make processes more efficient and sales organizations more productive."

    Thomas (Trip) Ray

    Vice President, Client Delivery

    OpenLink - Americas Energy Division

    Board of Directors, Stakeware

    "Best sales professional I have ever known."

    "Gary is the best sales professional I have ever known. Put him to work in an organization and you will be rewarded. He will absolutely deliver."

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  • About Gary

    Gary Hanna is a highly accomplished executive with nearly 35 years of success in sales, operations, and distribution within the technology industry. Because of his vast experience in every facet of the sales process, he is an expert in building and enabling sales teams, sales processes, and sales infrastructure. Gary is able to leverage his diverse skillset and 25 years in executive management to become a true change agent and deliver desired outcomes. His expertise includes pre-sales, training, business development, lead generation, inside sales, field sales, client management, alliances, sales management, sales operations and executive management. Gary has a proven track record of increasing revenues and profitability for the organizations he has worked with.


    Gary has nearly 35 years of sales, sales management, and executive leadership positions. Gary spent more than 20 years of his career at Oracle, Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle) and salesforce, helping each of them grow beyond $1 Billion in revenue. Since 2009, he has worked with venture-backed companies such as Coupa Software, Space-Time Insight and Host Analytics building best in class teams, process and infrastructure enabling these companies to become market leaders in their respective categories.


    Start a conversation: gary@garyhanna.com

  • Stories from the road

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations. Inspired by 35 years of selling.

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    October 10, 2016
    First of Many Stories I believe telling stories is a very good way to communicate. It is my preferred way to captivate an audience and make a point. I love to tell stories. If you know me, you know this. I'm often asked by young salespeople to tell a story from my career. I thought I would...
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